Library Card Application

Adults (age 18 and over) must provide the following documents when applying for a library card:
1. A valid government issued ID.
2. One document establishing residency with printed name and current physical address. 

Children (ages 0-17) must have a parent/legal guardian present when applying for a library
card and parent must sign form stating if child can check out any materials in the library and use the internet. Documentation as described above must be presented.

Once an application is completed, the patron has instant access to library materials.

By applying for a library card, the applicant is applying for the right to use the library. By signing the library card, the applicant agrees to comply with all library policies and procedures and pay all fees applicable to the library card. In addition, the applicant accepts responsibility for all materials checked out on the library card and agrees to abide by the library’s Internet Usage Policy when using the library internet/computers.  Parent/Guardian will be responsible for children 17 and under. The applicant agrees to notify the library of an address change.

The library card is the property of the Carter County Library

In compliance with Missouri state law (Section 182.230, RSMO), library cards are free.

This Library Practices a One Person One Card Policy

The library practices a One Person, One Card policy. This policy in in place to safeguard a library card from unauthorized access. Patron’s may not use another person’s library card without permission being given and recorded on the library cardholder’s record. Each patron is responsible for all materials and fees charged against his or her library card. Parents/Guardians are responsible for minors(17 and under) for what materials the minor child/children check out, behaviors and what the minor child has access to on the libraries internet.

Library Card Update: Carter County Library cards are updated every year . Proof of current, physical address establishing residency is required to renew the library card.

Circulation Services


You may check out up to 8 items and this could be an example such as, 3 dvd’s and 5 books or just 8 books. There is a 2 week checkout on books. We also have Inter Library Book that we cab borrow if there is something specific you are wanting that we may not have.

DVD checkouts are limited to 3 per individual and for a family, or living at the same residence you may check out 4 dvd’s.  Checkouts for movies are 1 week.

You may recheck your dvd’s or books up to 2 times unless they are new books or movies, or are on reserve to another person. You may do this in person or by calling 573-323-4315.

Please do not give your books or movies to others from the library or an inter library loan item, as you are the one responsible for their return or if they get lost or stolen, you will have to pay for the cost of the items. You will not be able to use any of the free services such as the internet/computers until the fees are paid. Also, if an item whether from the Carter County Library or and Inter Library Loan item has been damaged, you will have to pay cost of the items.


Approved 1-16-2023